PT. Danisa Eka Abadi
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 18i
South Jakarta – INDONESIA 12240


About us

PT Danisa Eka Abadi is a national private corporation that operates as a general supplier, trader, service and printing company. The company was founded on a commitment to professionalism and a dedication to meeting the present and future expectations of the business sector.

The private sector must be involved in Indonesia's future development, and PT Danisa Eka Abadi is committed to establishing itself as a capable and globally competitive organization. With professionals possessing appropriate educational backgrounds and experience, PT Danisa Eka Abadi is equipped to address a range of issues in the business world.

We are eager and prepared to collaborate and make a meaningful contribution to Indonesia's growth with dedication and professionalism. As a commercial entity with lines of business in various disciplines, PT Danisa Eka Abadi continues to expand in line with the growing public confidence in our work.

Despite its youth, PT Danisa Eka Abadi is supported by a team of talented professionals who are dependable and experienced in their respective fields. We have proven to be a reliable and resilient commercial organization.

PT Danisa Eka Abadi is the right choice for a bright future because of our commitment to excellence and our willingness to build synergies with other parties.

Due to his experience and professional qualities, PT Danisa Eka Abadi has been able to expand the range of services offered. We have ventured into the printing and graphics industry, providing consumables, raw materials, and printing services, as well as the chemicals, plastic and paper converting, packaging, painting, epoxy coating, engineering services, and overhaul services for printing machines. All of these services are carried out in a professional manner, with a focus on customer satisfaction, utilizing the capabilities and experience of all resources within the company.

In our latest company development, we have started exploring ventures in building maintenance and repair, repair of cooling and heating systems, cleaning of ventilation and HVAC systems, maintenance and repair of electrical and electronic systems, and maintenance and repair of plumbing and sanitation systems.

In addition to the aforementioned business categories, PT Danisa Eka Abadi has also established relationships and business synergies with both government and private entities. With our experience, we believe that PT Danisa Eka Abadi is the ideal partner for future business and business development.